CMMI Assesssor

Who is an Assessor?

If we talk in concern with Quality, an Assessor is a person who assesses the implementation of process improvement activities. This activity is known as Assessment. Assessor is an expert who has the knowledge of the referenced standard, model or framework like ISO, CMMI etc. Assessor conducts the assessment with respect to applied standard, model or framework. Assessor provides the output of the Assessment in the form of an Assessment Report. Assessor highlights the Positive Compliance, Non-Compliances and Opportunities for Improvements. Assessor also provides the overall status of the compliance and effectiveness of process implementation in the form of Summary in the Assessment Report.

Who is CMMI Assessor?

CMMI Assessment is conducted by an SEI Certified Assessor. The SEI Certified Assessor is known as Lead Appraiser (LA) or High Maturity Lead Appraiser (HMLA) depending on the maturity level to be assessed i.e. Low Maturity (2 and 3) or High Maturity (i.e. 4 and 5).

Different types of Assessors

In context with the CMMI SEI has defined the following types of Certified Assessors:

  • Lead Appraiser (LA) or Low Maturity Appraiser
  • High Maturity Lead Appraiser

Lead Appraiser (LA) or Low Maturity Appraiser

SEI Certified Assessor who is qualified for conducting Appraisals for CMMI Maturity Level 2 and 3 are known as Lead Appraiser (LA) or Low Maturity Appraiser. You can also refer Lead Appraiser (LA) or Low Maturity Appraiser in CMMI Terminology on

High Maturity Lead Appraiser (HLMA)

SEI Certified Assessor who is qualified for conducting Appraisals for CMMI Maturity Level 4 and 5 are known as High Maturity Lead Appraiser (HLMA). You can also refer High Maturity Lead Appraiser (HLMA) in CMMI Terminology on

ATM Based Assessors

CMMI Assessors (Appraisers) works with Assessment Team Members (ATMs) during the course of SCAMPI Assessments. These ATMs support the Appraisers in collecting and validating evidences for Document Review, Interviews and preparation of other important artifacts.

How to become an Assessor

SEI Partnership

Your organization must be an SEI Partner for SCAMPI appraisal services or should have applied for the same and its application should been accepted, and it has signed the applicable Carnegie Mellon University/SEI agreement.

Participation as ATM on 02 SCAMPI A Assessments

You must have participated in at least 02 SCAMPI A Assessments as an ATM.

Experience in Project Management and System Engineering

You must have least 10 years of experience of project management and engineering experience in systems or software engineering. It must include a minimum of 02 years of experience managing technical personnel.


You must possess an advanced degree in the related technical area or equivalent experience.

Official Courses

You must have successfully completed the Introduction to CMMI for Development V1.3 course and Intermediate Concepts of CMMI for Development course

Register for the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Training course

Complete your SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Training registration.

SCAMPI LA Certification Examination

Next step is to register for the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Training course – SCAMPI LA for Development qualification exam.


Once you successfully complete the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Training, you must show the ability to lead SCAMPI A appraisal and first one should be under the Observation of an SEI Observer.

Receive your Certification

Once you successfully pass the observation, SEI will grant the certification and will list you in the SEI Partner Directory.

Now you can eligible to conduct SCAMPI Assessments officially.

How to prepare for Appraiser Examination

DQS Certification™ Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) is a widely recognized certification in the software industry. DQS India’s CSQA Program can help you in the preparation for the Appraiser Examination. CSQA Program helps in putting the QA principles into practice in the right manner at the right time and is driven by the CMMI Model Framework and hence will be able to play a huge role in building the base for SEI Appraiser Examination.

CSQA applies a simple approach – make sure you understand all the topics given in the CBOK as per CMMI® model very clearly.

For more information you can read about the CSQA Personnel Certification at

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